This Antique Ainu wooden container case bag.

It is a very rare shape.

You can enjoy the good texture of the tree.

*There is a possibility that a color of the photograph and an actual color are somewhat different.

The Ainu or the Aynu, in the historical Japanese texts Ezo/Emishi/Ebisu or Ainu are an indigenous people of Japan (Hokkaido, and formerly northeastern Honshu) and Russia (Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands and formerly the Kamchatka Peninsula).
Many Ainu today have been completely assimilated into Japanese identity. The official number of the Ainu is 25,000, but unofficially is estimated at 200,000 due to the fact that many Ainu have been so completely assimilated into Japanese society as to have no knowledge of their ancestry.(from wikipedia)

19.4cm×20cm (7.63inch×7.87inch)
total weight: 692g
Condition: used / There are a detailed small scratch etc.


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